Types of Bug Bites you have to avoid to stay fit

A bug bite can be very dangerous if it is not repaired properly on time. And this problem grows in the summertime because bugs are more comfortable in the warm weather. Also, we stay much more exposed at this time because of the excessively hot weather and bugs get the chance to attack as well easily. There are different types of bug bites which make us go through some serious pain and each of them have different types of treatments also. Here we have listed 5 common bug bites which attack as now and then.

1- Spider Bites:


There are so many types of spiders all around us and some of them can seriously harm us to a great extent. Generally, some spiders are very rare species but some who are very common can cause fatal. If a spider bites you then you will get small red bumps all over your skin and there will be itchiness in it. If someone gets the bite from black widow spider then they can go through severe pain as well as some cramping feeling. Sometimes it can cause ulcers in our body if we are attacked by the brown recluse spider. Most of the species of spider are nonvenomous in nature and spider bite can be treated by some home remedies like washing the area with soap and apply some antibiotic. Some of the bug bites can be cured by cold compressing so that the swelling can be reduced. But if you are attacked with some dangerous kind of spider then you have to contact with the physician as soon as possible.


2 – Fly Bites:


Generally, flies are very nasty and if you get some fly bite it can cause serious problems in your body. The flies have their mouth like a scissor which can tear the flesh instantly if they bite you. Generally, flies are not venomous but if you are allergic to these kinds of bytes in which you will go through a chemical reaction with the saliva of the flies then you have to go to your doctor to treat that. The black coloured flies can buy it viciously and if you are attacked in a mass then you can get hurt very easily and your skin can get several scars. But flies are not always very much settle in nature and it can be treated with normal topical oral treatment.


3 – Mosquito Bites:


Mosquito bites are very popular throughout the world and there is some serious disease which can be caused by mosquitoes only. If a mosquito bites you then at first you will have a very small red pimple and the skin will get itchy. But slowly the problem will increase because generally mosquitoes bite to feed themselves with your blood and all the impurities or virus will go through do your blood towards the other organs in your body. Mosquitoes can cause disease like malaria, dengue, chikungunya etc. If anything gets fade in blood will spread some illness in our body and that is why if the mosquito bites us we will get the serious disease because of blood circulation. Some people have serious allergy problems regarding mosquito and they can go through vomiting and also some breathing problems due to the mosquito bites. And it can even go more wrong if you have a fever or headache. Then you have to consult with your physician as early as possible.


4 -Tick Bites:


Ticks are famous because of spreading illness throughout the people. They are like mosquitoes and a big reason for Lyme disease. Generally, at first people go through high fever after getting a tick bite and after that, the disease will grow itself and then you have to go to your doctor for further treatment. Generally, the disease increases within three weeks of the bite. And for better treatment at first, the diagnosis has to be perfect whether the whole thing is because of tick bite or not. There, is some time in a year when ticks are more likely to attack you. They live in outdoor areas like trees and leaf files and whenever you will move out they will attack you and can cause some dangerous allergic problem. So whenever you go out at the time of monsoon or summer you have to be very careful about the tick bites because the tick-borne illness is complicated to get cured.


5 – Flea Bites:


Mostly we have seen that fleas attack dogs and cats but as a human being you also have some danger from fleas. If you get attacked by fleas then you will see some very small red coloured bumps on your skin. These bombs will be in a group of 3 or 4 together and generally can be seen on our feet. You have to be careful that you should not scratch these bumps because actually flea defecates when it bites. And that is why if you reach the area then and you will be the reason why the bacteria will get into your skin and can cause serious infection. Generally, eating can increase the other symptoms of a flea bite and if you are allergic to it you can even have breathing problem also. The flea bites which catches the infection will swell that area and fill it with pus. For the treatment of this, you can have some topical ointments, lukewarm baths or oatmeal mixture to apply on it. But at that time also you have to be careful that you don’t take any hot shower which can increase the eating even more.



So these were some common types of bug bites which we can have if we go outdoor very often. For that reason, we should be careful about our clothing and if we are going out for hiking or tracking we should wear full sleeve dresses if possible. And whenever we get a bite from any of the bugs we should consult a doctor as soon as possible if the infection goes wrong.

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