How To Remove Bed Bugs From Mattresses ! The Ultimate Guide

How To Remove Bed Bugs From Mattresses? Did u feel any insect bites last night despite using a mosquito repellent? Have also noticed some tiny blood stains on your pillow or some itchy scalp and a swollen wound? Or maybe you must have felt something moving around you at night? Well, these tiny creatures that are moving around you at night could be bed bugs.


How To Remove Bed Bugs From Mattresses


The existence of bed bugs is insane. They seek shelter in mattresses or beds and feed on the blood of human beings. You could be a victim too. Have a look at your house, furniture or beds if you can spot them. Bed bugs are not seen to a naked eye during the day unless you use some sprays to get them out. It gets active only at night time.


Your bed rewards you with some leisure after a tiring day. If it is invaded by the bed bugs how will you receive some good sleep? So keep your search on and find all the bed bugs in your bed. It is a hard task though. There are simple ways to get rid of them. You do not have to worry about throwing away your expensive mattresses.


Here are a few techniques how to remove bed bugs from mattresses. Just follow these steps diligently and you can be successful in your mission.


Take away all your removable sheets, pillowcases and all the materials you use to cover the beds. While cleansing them make sure you use hot water because the insects die immediately. Carry them separately in order to protect them from getting contaminated.


Keep the pillows aside and vacuum your mattress thoroughly considering the house attachment, seams, crevices and indentations where the bed bugs usually hide. Once you’re done vacuuming the mattress empty the cleaner bag outside the house and clean the container. Check if there are any bed bugs hiding in the vacuum cleaner.


Put on your mattress and the spring box in a case which is bed bug proof. These covers are specially manufactured to protect mattresses. They are made of some unique material so that even if the bed bugs try to sneak into the cover the cannot get into it. Carefully pest controls your house because the bed bugs and their eggs can survive for months without food.


Move your bed away from the walls and put a bed bug interceptor cup beneath each of the feet of your bed. These cups contain insecticide which can trap and kill all the bed bugs which might try to climb the legs of the bed. Make sure that the bed doesn’t touch the floor. Avoid the usage of bed skirts, wide blankets or any pieces of equipment that touch the group because it will be easier for the bed bugs to climb up.


Clean the floors carefully and kill all the eggs that will be on the floors and the corners and do not let them mature.  Also, seek professional help by calling some professional pest controllers to help you with cleansing the entire affected area.

How To Kill Bed Bugs From Mattresses?


Your living area maybe infested with bed bugs including your mattress. There are many home remedies that prove to be efficient to kill bed bugs during the early stages of infestation. You require a professional approach to get rid of bugs. You can arrange a heat or an insecticide treatment for bed bugs on the mattress. The types of treatment you can give at home is:


Heat treatment: Heat treatment conveys you with guaranteed effective results to get rid of bed bugs on the mattress. It eradicates the insects professionally. When you give a heat treatment at a vulnerable temperature of about 56’C the bed bugs get killed within a short duration. During this process convey safety to your pets, electronics and soft synthetic fabrics. Keep them away when your generating heat.


Insecticide treatment: This method is been used for many years in the past to get rid of pests. The substances used are well advanced and will not have any impact on your health as long as you follow the instructions of the technicians. The types of insecticides adapted to control bed bugs are:


Fast Acting insecticide: Fast acting insecticide is utilized for furniture.


Residual Insecticide: It is applied to the furniture so that we can usually be connected to the sofas. They consist of aerosol sprays.


Dust Insecticide: They are utilized on surfaces like cracks and crevices, floors, ceilings, cabinets, refrigerators and sinks.


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Can Chemical Mattress Covers & Encasements Stop and Kill Bed Bugs?  


Use chemical pesticides only if you have been prescribed to use the product that is been specifically designed for the usage of getting rid of bed bugs. Follow all the rules and regulations carefully before use. According to recommendations not many pesticides are prescribed to get rid of bed bugs because they can cause harm to human life. Some registered EPA chemical pesticides are available and permitted to be used on mattresses and the box springs.


Use of chemicals does not guarantee you to get rid of bed bugs on a long-term scale. While spraying there will be a few of them which will be hiding underneath will not be treated and can survive. Rather than using pesticides make use of the vacuum cleaner as it gives better results. If you constantly use chemicals there are chances of your mattresses to get overexposed to them which can be harmful. Hence use non-chemical resources to get rid of bed bugs.


You will be away from all the bed bugs henceforth as you know how to remove bed bugs from mattresses. 


how to remove bed bugs from mattresses
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Did u feel any insect bites last night despite using a mosquito repellent? Have also noticed some tiny blood stains on your pillow or some itchy scalp and a swollen wound? Or maybe you must have felt something moving around you at night?
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