How to Kill Bed Bugs Top 5 way work 100% Guaranteed

How to Kill Bed Bugs Top 5 way work 100% Guaranteed

Hi, guys let find top 5 way to kill Bed bugs guaranteed work for you to get rid of bed bugs from your home. Here’s How to kill bed bugs in just 5 easy tips:


Tip No #1: Dryer


dryer How to Kill Bed Bugs
dryer How to Kill Bed Bugs

As we know bed bugs live in furniture and other items in homes that are very hard to clean but heat treating your home and other stuff will help to kill bed bugs now you don’t need professional training for this will explain it how to use the dryer and how to kill bed bugs in an easy way.

So I tell you now bed bugs cant alive in 20 degrees heat also washing clothes and other things like bed cover window cover etc is the good and best thing for cleaning as well its also have benefits to kill bed bugs.

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How to Wash Cloth to Control Bed bugs

The most important tips to washcloth and control bed bugs like shorting your cloth, wash your cloth, dry your cloth and final stooring your clean cloth

1- Shorting Your Clothes

Short the cloth and put a different type of cloth in different separate bags like woolen cloth on other bags and undergarments on other bags and separate the dry clean cloth and after that tag the bag properly it important so bed bug will not move to other areas.

2- Washing and Drying your Clothes

Put the Bags cloth in the dryer when the bag empty fold it and put all bags in another clean bag and seal it again. and do the washing procedure after the dry the cloth at least 30 minutes, and drying 30 min will kill the bed bugs.  Also here if your cloth is already washed then juts use dryer for 30 minuter even previously washed cloth to kill the bed bugs.

3- Storing your Cleland clothes

Once you remove clothes from the dryer fold it immediately and keep it in the bag and again lock the bag, if your washing in the home then just remove from dryer and fold the cloth.

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Tip No #2: Vacuum

How to Kill Bed Bugs by vacuum
How to Kill Bed Bugs by vacuum

A Vacuum is also most important to remove dead bed bugs and the vacuum will properly suck the bug even its corner area of the home or were hard to reach easily vacuum can work on that area .

Few features should be available in a vacuum as I explain before buy make sure to check this all size and weight should be low so it will be easy to handle during cleaning motor capacity should be good and powerful to get bed bugs easily.  contact us will guide you if you need ant assistant regarding buy a good vacuum.

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Tip No #3: Steam Mop

floor steam cleaning
floor steam cleaning

Use good temperature steamer to kill bed bugs so here will give some tips on how to use a steamer to kill bed bugs. Fill the tank with water switch on your steamer and start using it on Mattresses, Boxsprings, Furniture, Baseboards,  Tracking strips on carpet.

After end of the streaming open all windows and on the fan and repeat this cleaning process few more times like 3 times and maximum 6 times to completely get rid of bed bugs don’t give gap more than 2-3 days do frequently to get complete rid of bed bugs.

Any information related steamer feel free to contact us using our contact us page will help you to get a good steamer for free thank you.

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Tip No #4: Rubbing Alcohol

Diatomaceous Earth

Isopropyl alcohol it can kill bed bugs and their eggs as well but you must have to aware before using this rubbing alcohol let discussed this.

Why rubbing alcohol is not a good choice

Alcohol only kills bed bugs when it direct contact with bugs as we know bed bugs can hide in a very small row also. so, in this case, we can say rubbing alcohol is effective but not 100% effective, Alos its flammable this is the most reason we have to avoid this.

But we can use this rubbing alcohol smartly before putting this keep all clothe etc properly set and cover it f any food items and then just put this powder on home and left the home for 10 hours and after that before entering home do deep cleaning and rearrange all the home stuff I guarantee it will be the best option and completely you will get rid of bed bugs.




Tip No #5: Nail Police Remover

acetone nail polish remover
acetone nail polish remover

Lots of people have a question does acetone kill bed bugs and the answer is yes it kills bed bugs we use acetone as nail police remover.

If you found bed bug in home drop some acetone on it and you found it kill the bed bug and after that, you can use vacuum to clean dead bed bugs.  so it will be urgent and emergency treatment of bed bugs to kill them same time.  but acetone does not kill bed bugs eggs it killed only bed bugs.



So here we found every method is important a single method call give 100% result so try all 5 methods to kill bed bugs so combine all above 5 treatment.  Hope a safe and clean bed bugs free life and you and your family can sleep happily and bed bugs free in-home.


Any question feel free to contact us any time at any stage we are disposal here for your service.


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