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How Long Bed Bugs Bites Last | Symptoms | Prevention | Treatment.


How long Bed Bugs Bites Last There is a no. of people who are quite sensitive to insects or bugs, those people know how painful and itchy could bed bugs bites be. For a very long time, people have been searching the internet to find out ways so that they can prevent or treat bed bugs bites.

So here in this article, we will discuss how long bed bugs bites last and the methods with which you can easily prevent or treat bed bug bites.

We will also highlight the symptoms that are particularly been experienced by the victim of bed bug bites. Therefore if you are suffering from bed bug bites this guide is a must read for you. This guide contains techniques for the prevention and the treatment of the bed bugs bites.


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How Long Bed Bugs Bites Last?


How long do bed bugs bites last mainly depends upon the person which is suffering from it? So this factor varies from person to person. If a person suffering from bed bugs bites is sensitive then it may take some time for the person to heal from it.


However, it takes about 7 to 10 days to heal from a bed bug bite, but as we have mentioned above, this fact depends upon the person suffering from it. It has been noticed that many people don’t even suffer from pain or experience any symptom.


So basically how sensitive a person determines how much time will it take for him to be healed from bed bugs bites. Some lucky people recover sooner while for some it may even take even months to recover from bed bug bites. On the other hand, for some few days are enough to get healed.


how long do bed bug bites last on humans



Symptoms of Bed Bug Bites

how long do bug bites itch

Sensitive people who have bitten by bed bugs may experience the following symptoms:-

1.) Itchy skin, red welts or bumps

2.) Rash in the form of clusters

3.) Pain in the affected areas

4.) Bite marks that are straight or assembled ordinarily under the edge of a tight fitting dress on arms and legs or additionally on the neck, back or other uncovered parts of the body.

how long does it take for bed bugs to die

5.) Quite Some times smell of the affected areas is like almond.

6.) Dryness and pigment changes in the skin when the bites heal

7.) Sometimes the marks indulge burning sensation on the skin.

8.) Scratching the bite marks may lead to bleeding or itching on the affected area.


How to Prevent Bed Bugs Bites?


The people who have experienced the bed bug bites would never want to be bitten by bed bugs again. For a peaceful sleep at night you should ensure to protect yourself from the bed bugs bites. And for this, you can take the preventive measures which we have provided below:-


1.)    You should avoid buying old furniture such as cabinets, cupboards, beds, sofas or other products which could be a home for bugs.

2.)    Bed bugs can be prevented if you were regularly clean carpets and mattresses.

3.)    Calling pest control services at your home could largely help in the elimination of insects and bugs residing in your furniture. With pest controlling quite often would ensure that your furniture is safe from bed bugs, insects, larvae, etc. It is advisable to call pest control services regularly otherwise they could rehabilitate. You should also discard furniture affected with bed bugs.

4.)    You can also prevent bed bugs by regularly washing mattress or bedding with warm water.

5.)    Clothes should be kept or stored along with naphthalene balls that would keep pests away from it.

6.)    To eliminate eggs and larvae, linen and bedding need to be washed in water with some chemical.

7.)    If you have decided to check in a hotel, then check the rooms and furniture carefully, look closely at the bedding for the red strains and bug skins. If you think they are affected by bed bugs, don’t stay there.


How to Treat Bed Bugs Bites?

The treatment for the bed bug bites depends upon how long a bed bug bite last. If it has been just for a couple of days then few painkillers could help, However, if you were suffering from bed bug bites for more than a week, then there are no. of ways to treat it.


Some of them have been given below:-

1.)    If it’s been paining or itching at the affected area, then you can apply creams and lotions available in the market on the bite marks. This will help to some extent.

2.)     If you take some water and baking soda in a container, mix it, and apply it to the affected area. It will reduce pain and itchiness of bite mark.  It normally takes 30 minutes for the remedy to do its work so keep it on bite mark for 30 minutes and then wash the area.

3.)     Applying Benzoyl peroxide can help prevent infections.

4.)     Rubbing some alcohol on the area can reduce the pain.

5.)     It is advised not to rub or scratch the area with nails; this could make the condition even worse. It could result in bleeding or swelling or even infect the area. Lemon juice, witch hazel, and St. John wort are the perfect solutions to this problem.

6.)     To reduce the itching, peppermint oil (1/2 cup) in a tub of hot (not extreme) water should be used.

7.)     Water along with soap solution should be used to clean the affected areas that have been bitten by bugs. If you apply water and baking soda paste on the area, it will be healed quickly.


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Final Verdict

In this article, we not only told you “How long bed bugs last” But we also tried to give a brief introduction about all the symptoms of the bed bug bites along with its prevention measures and the ways to treat the bed bugs bites. If you aren’t benefited by the above-mentioned methods then it’s better to consult a doctor.



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