How Does Bed Bugs Feed | The Ultimate Guide | 2018 Update

How Does Bed Bugs FeedBed bugs are commonly termed as parasites and thus these organisms are usually known for feeding on animals and humans. Just like you get to know about it by its name, bed bugs are the ones that remain in touch with your bedding. Thus, these creatures usually bite you on the exposed portions of your skin where your body touches the bedding.


Bed bugs generally leave blood stains on your bed as well as in different parts of your body. So if you wake up in the Morning and find blood stains here and there, you may choose to suspect it to be bed bug bites.


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Bed bugs are not scavengers, keep that in your mind. And if you are still doubtful about how do bed bugs feed, be sure that they depend directly on the host body for their only source of nutrition. No matter how clean you maintain your rooms, bugs, insects, flies, and cockroaches tend to remain all around.


However, they start bothering the most since the number of these organisms keep multiplying. Hence, if a single bug enters your house and you either ignore it or leave it untreated, chances are there that things will soon become intolerable for you as the whole property would get infested in some time. These bed bugs usually feed on the blood of the host body which it requires for its overall growth and development as well as to reproduce.


How Does Bed Bugs Feed?


Bed bugs do not usually feed on multiple categories of food unlike that of the flies or the cockroaches. These bed bugs seem to get attracted by the warmth and smell associated with a human body. Since they have a strong affinity for the temperature and pressure of the human body, they generally get stick to the human host.


Do Bed Bugs Eat Food Crumbs?


A lot of people tend to have the confusion about whether the bed bugs feed on any other food materials other than blood. In that case, let me tell you that these bugs usually survive on blood from their host body.


It is never necessary that the body has to be that of a human. At the same time, it can be animals, too, such as cats, dogs, and more such animals. Also, it is essential to mention in this context that these bed bugs do not behave like scavengers, neither do they think of living on small amounts of blood scattered here and there. Simply, we can call these bed bugs to be parasites.


Do Bed Bugs Eat Dead Skin?


As we have often heard about the mites and dust mites who have been known for eating dead skin, researchers could never see bed bugs eating dead skin. Of course, they target the exposed skin but they are solely dependent on the blood of the host body. Being parasites, they are always intended to feed on human blood and not the skin.


Do Bed Bugs Feed Every Night?


In order to complete their lifecycle, the bed bug nymphs usually require to feed quite often as they are solely dependent on blood from their host body. However, as these bed bugs start growing older and reach up to 4 to 5 instars, that is, stages of their lives, they are seen to be able to survive without blood for a few weeks.


These bed bugs usually feed on the host bodies every night but the adult ones are a little less inclined to regular feeding. If you see bed bug droppings when you wake up in the morning or see blood stains on your exposed segments of the skin or on the bed sheets, you may suspect them to be bed bugs and conduct the proper inspection to ensure the criminal and take appropriate steps accordingly to drive the same.


How Long Do Bed Bugs Live After Spraying


Pest control methods taken on time and with proper measures under professional guidance will surely help you eliminate the pests and the bugs at the earliest. Exterminators are well equipped with the required techniques and they are also aware of taking up eco-friendly measures to make sure that none of the members of the family get affected by any usage of chemicals.


How Often Do Bed Bugs Feed?


A lot of people may be curious to know how often these bed bugs feed on their host bodies. Well, they feed to develop nutrition into their body. The female bed Bugs usually feed on human blood to reproduce and thus, prior to reproduction, these bugs feed on the host.


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On the other hand, the nymphs too feed on the host bodies for their growth and they continue to do so till they reach their adulthood. Your home may have a lot of furniture and thus, there are chances that bed bugs hide at several places in a scattered way.


It is never necessary that the bed bugs that do bite you in your bedroom are the ones who extract your blood while you are in the other room. Different groups of bugs dwell at different locations.


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Bed bug nymphs are quite more dependable on food while the rest of the bed bugs that are in their adulthood can live without blood for around three to four months, provided that they get suitable or favorable conditions of survival.


How Long Do Bed Bugs Live In a Plastic Bag?


Considering, how does bed bugs feed, they are dependent on nothing other than human blood. It has been found out the bed bugs are able to survive inside a plastic bag without feeding for long months, sometimes even a year. The only factors that play role in this context are that the plastic bag must have an air supply through it.


Also, the bed bugs are generally known to prefer a controlled environment with temperatures that fit the survival of the humans. Thus, if these issues are taken care of, the bed bugs would be able to thrive in the plastic bag.

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