How Do Bed Bugs Spread From House to House detail researched

Dear Reader in this post I am going to how do bed bug spread from house to house like one house to another nearby house detail explanation and how to stop this.

Bed bug is very amazing on hiding they can hide in your cloth as well, supposed if nearby your home there is bed bug in another home and child a from that home to your home use to come and go from play purpose etc, so it has change bring bed bug by child cloth in your home.

Bed bug is a rider 

It can transfer from one house to another house easily. bed bug can travels in suitcase, clothes etc because of there small size.

The misconception on most of the people bed bug have wing they can fly, Its true bed bug having wings but they can’t fly.

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Explained Example How do bed bug spread from house to house

Supposed you with your family are went for the party to your friend’s house and you came late night after the party finished, Ofcorce late-night party everyone is tired. so you and your all family members remove their clothes and all of you went to bed for sleep.

But where you went for the party in your relative or friends home there was bed bug and it came home traveling by your cloth or bags etc, As we all know now bed bug can lives many months without feeding.

And you are doing same this usually every time outing etc and few months u will saw bed bug in the home as well and it will going to be very difficult to kill all the bed bugs, so not wasting your time to explaining more examples below I am giving some tips related how to stop spreading bed bug in your home read it hope you will get help in this.

How to Stop Spreading Bed Bug in your home?

As per today topic How Do Bed Bugs Spread From House to House here some important topic related to bed bug how to stop spreading If bed bug already in your home it’s going to be hard to stop spreading them let me explain what to do in this situation.

Use bed bug Traps – It’s not going to stop immediately but it will provide you a way to keep an eye if you have developed an infestation by catching some.

Using Bed bug Steamer and vacuums – Every month you must have to do deep cleaning of your home all the corners, suitcase, with hot steamer because bed bug hates heat if heat temperature touches the 100 °C it will kill the bed bug as well their eggs.

Some Most Key Point to do get rid of bed bug from home

1- If you went for travel and stay in a hotel after entering your home first priority to wash all your cloth and luggage also by hot steamer so if there is any bed bug it will be killed by doing like this

2- Alcohol does not kill the eggs, you have to use heat to kill bed bugs

3- Using baking soda every one to two months or at least every 3 months or one time in a year it is enough to spread baking soda on the mattress, leave it for about 1/2 hour to start vacuuming after finishing vacuuming spray it with mixed vinegar with water and let it dry.


Important Myths related to bed bugs

Most of the people reading published articles on the internet and watching video on the web and they get very scared with bed bug and stuck in lots of myths.

Today here I am going to clear few myths as well actually there are lots of myths but here I am going to cover 5 myths related to bed bugs if you have any other question and you want to know it’s your myths or not type in comment box will answer its or contact us by using (contact us) page on this blog menu you will find my contact-us page fill it and send to us.

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Myths no -1

Did Bed Bus spreads deadly diseases

Its totally wrong bed bug does not transmit diseases, It can cause in only on some people allergy reaction, etc same like mosquito reaction that is nothing else. Don’t be more worry about this, cleaning home and staying bed bug-free is good but don’t feel bed bugs is going to make u ill its only myths.

Myths no -2

Will Chemicals will kill A-Z bed bug in home

A big NO its difficult to kill bed bug by chemical for proper work you have to contact only pest management company only they will come with streaming etc then only its possible 95% only, not 100% thank you.

Myths no -3

A big lough those who think if they leave home for a month

Some people think if they leave their home empty for a month then all bed bug will die or go out or die coz they will not get blook but its totally wrong Adults bed bug can live 1 year without any food

Myths no -4

Bed bug Fount in Bed and poor people or durt people

It’s total No, Most of the time bed bug fount in the movie theatre, low category 3* hotels, retail stores, offices etc.


Myths no -4

Bed Bug we can found only in Night sleep time

This also is a myth as I also mention its bites in the night so it’s true as well maximum time its came in the night but as i explain in my previous post bed bug sense heat and (CO2) Carbon dioxide. if we sleep in the day time so will release by our breath (CO2)  Carbon dioxide and bed bug will come in day time also.

Myths no -5

Sleeping on metal bad bed bug will not bite

it’s also not true as per science bed bug 90% of their time spending in hiding and they can hide in battle bed also easily and time to time they can give you love bites 😀

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Conclusion – hope you get all the details related to How Do Bed Bugs Spread From House to House thank for reading this topic also don’t live with myths remove the above mention myths from your mind and live a happy life.

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