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Bed bugs have now become a serious as well as quite a common problem. There are a lot of people who are certainly affected by bed bugs and they have been searching the internet  “How do Bed Bugs Find You ” so that they can find out some remedies that they can eventually eliminate the problem.


People who are sensitive to insects are more priorly affected by the bed bugs. Bed bugs do bite and it is known as a bed bug bite. Bed bug bites could be highly uncomfortable depending on the person who is been bitten. Those who are sensitive could see severe symptoms such as itchiness, pain etc.


While there are many who haven’t been affected at all. So basically the symptoms of bed bug bites vary from person to person. In this article, we will be talking about the main reasons due to which beg bugs get attracted to you along with the symptoms, causes and the ways to get rid of bed bugs.




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What Attracts Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs are generally found in the tropical and the humid regions and particularly reside in the area where their host lives. Bed bugs are quite hard to eliminate as they are considered as the most difficult pests to work with since they are resilient and capable of reproducing quickly.


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Bed bugs are mostly attracted because of the odor that the human skin emits. Another reason according to the scientist is the carbon dioxide and heat emitted by humans. Bed bugs are also attracted to a more sweaty body or the increased amount of lactic acid due to an intense workout.


However, this is quite a debatable topic since there has been conflict among the scientists about the reasons that attract bed bugs. But everyone does admit that the most deciding reason whether a bed bug would bite you or not is how warm are you.


Where to find Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are most commonly found in quarters where their host resides. Bed bugs hide in mattresses, bedding, and How do bed bugs find you

padding of the furniture. Spaces between bed frames and gaps in cupboards or the furniture serves as the most lovable places for the bed bugs to hide. Bed bugs may get transported from one place to other on their own or with the movement of furniture or luggage from one place to another. In order to find out if your place is affected by bed bugs or not, you would need to remove mattress and carpets and carefully look underneath.


What are the Symptoms of Bed Bugs Bites?



how long do bed bugs live without blood

Symptoms can be defined as a physical or mental feature which indicating a condition of disease, particularly such a feature that is apparent to the patient.

Some of the most common symptoms that a person can get affected by bed bugs bites are:-



1) Bed bugs bites can cause itchiness and red welts at the affected area.


2) Rashes can be seen in the form of clusters.


3) Pain on the affected areas


4) Bite marks that are straight or assembled together ordinarily under the edge of a tight fitting dress on arms and legs or additionally on the neck, back or other uncovered parts of the body.


5) Sometimes smell of the affected areas is like that if of almond


6) Dryness and pigment changes in the skin when the bites heal


7) Sometimes the marks indulge burning sensation on the skin.


8) Scratching the bite marks may lead to bleeding or itching on the affected area.



Side Effects of Bed Bugs Bites


Bed bugs bites are not just limited to some physical symptoms but they could certainly lead to a no. of devastating mental side effects that can make you very uncomfortable. Some mental side effects that a person could get affected by includes:-


1.) Hallucinations at night


2.) Nightmares


3.) Insomnia


4.) Flashbacks


5.) Avoidance behaviors


6.) Personal dysfunction


7.) Hypervigilance to keep bugs away


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Bites


Increasing bed bugs infestations has become a major concern among the people because it has a no. of side effects which could be both physical as well as mental. So a no. of remedies has been developed in order to get rid of bed bugs and the bed bugs bites. Some of them have been listed down:-


1) To get rid of pain and itchiness at the areas bitten, you can use creams that contain Aloe Vera. It would certainly effect.


2) Just take some water and baking soda in a bowl, mix it and apply on the affected areas. It will result in the reduction of pain.


3) You can certainly wait for the rashes to go away on themselves if you have that patience.


4) Some drugs can be used in cases where there are high inflammation and itchiness on the areas bitten by bed bugs.


5.) Take some Antihistamines in order to lower allergic reactions caused due to bed bugs.


6) Pests controls at the affected flats, apartments, or quarters can help you reduce bed bugs infestations to a great extent.


7) Rinse bed bugs bite with cool water to reduce itchiness and the swelling of the affected area.


8) It is advised to not to rub or scratch the area with nails, this could make the condition even worse. It could result in bleeding or swelling or even infect the area. Lemon juice, witch hazel, and St. John wort are the perfect solutions to this problem.


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Final Verdict of How do Bed Bugs Find You 



can bed bugs make you sick


Bed bugs could certainly be a serious issue as it can result in sleepless nights and restless days. But it is a matter of fact that how sensitive a person is to the allergic reactions due to insects and bugs. However, there are a lot of remedies that can counter the side effects of bed bug bites, but as I said it mostly depends on the person who has been affected.

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