Tips On Home Remedies For Bed Bug Bites That Itch And Swell

We know bed bugs are filthy and they create a lot of mess. That’s why we are continually trying to find solutions that can stop these bed bugs from troubling you. This brings us to discuss home treatment for bed bugs bites that itch and swell. It has to be stated that bed bugs can be found in offices, restaurants, motels and even in your house.

These are parasites that feed on human blood and make an infected place soiled. If they get you, they leave no stones unturned to make sure that they feed on you for the time without end. Here are a few ways that you can opt for treating bed bug bites at your home:

• Start by washing the bite with soap and water, rinse it with care

• This will prevent infection and will soothe the itchiness

• You can make a paste of baking soda, water with lemon juice and apply it on the affected area, let it sit for an hour and then wash off.

• This certainly will reduce the irritation

• Apply aloe gel can also be helping

• Rubbing bites with calamine can also prove to be of great assistance

• Using over the counter medicines that contain cortisone or hydrocortisone can also give you some relief

• If nothing works, then we recommend you to pay a visit to your doctor for more

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How Do Bed Bugs Get In Your Bed?

This question is very subjective because there could be a hundred ways that you can get contaminated with these pests. Bed bugs may not look serious, but they surely call for immediate action. Not everyone can notice and feel their presence but once you do, get rid of them at once. There are so many ways of getting infected with bed bugs, and some of the most prevalent ones are like:

• Traveling by public vehicle and not taking ample care like changing your clothes before hitting the sack

• Staying in a cheap motel that may have been infected with bed bugs

• Buying old clothes from an auction and bringing them home without visiting a launderette before

• By letting someone already infected invade your house, of course without any knowledge of it (you cannot ask someone to leave by suspicion)

• Getting old books and stacking them up in your house

• Picking up furniture from a dumpster and placing it right across the hall

• Living in a common dorm or an area

All these are a clear sign of not maintaining proper hygiene in and around your living space. So, we request our readers to take showers as and when they think it is necessary. Keep off from furniture near a dump and also try to use exterminator services once a while.

So, What Can Kill Bed Bugs?

Eliminating bed bugs can be a demanding job and unless you have developed a strategy for it. Once infected, you need to get rid of these bugs as soon as possible because they can attack your pets and other family members in a ruthless manner. So, if you are looking to find an answer to how can you kill bed bugs, you can consider giving the following section a thorough read.

• Recognize the trouble areas

• Start by de-cluttering your house

• Organize everything in the best possible ways

• Clean, wipe, dust or vacuum as much as possible

• If possible discard the infested furniture

• If you cannot, then rip off the stuffing and replace them with fresh ones along with a cover

• Using cold or heat can help you eradicate bed bugs

• If you want to use pesticides, then use EPA certified ones only

• Hire professionals to exterminate these pests once and for all

Any Diseases From Bed Bugs?

For a long time, people have thought that bed bugs do not cause any life-threatening diseases, but recent study talks about the Chagas disease that certainly has changed the discourse. This is often called a silent killer because of its deadly nature that cannot be diagnosed during the initial days.

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It affects the heart and sometimes the digestive muscle that deteriorates over time. This causes slow and steady decay, and the internal organs to take the major hit.

Then again, talking about diseases from bed bugs brings us to discuss one more aspect that of secondary diseases. This kind of infection can lead to bleeding, swelling, and allergy in people with the weak immune system.

Name Of Chemicals To Kill Bed Bugs

Are there any chemicals that can kill bed bugs? The answer is yes; there are quite a lot that can do the needful. However, you need to be careful about choosing the chemicals as they need to be licensed by EPA. There is no need to worry because you can find 300 products for that and some of the prevailing names are like:

Boric acid is the most commonly used chemical that can destroy the outer layer of the bed bugs and eliminate them permanently

• Using a combination of Pyrethrins which is a botanical insecticide and Pyrethroids chemical insecticide can be a solution, an example could be that of a fogger

• A pesticide called pyrrole, which is found in Chlorfenapyr can disrupt a few functions in the bug’s cells, thus causing its death

• Using insect growth regulators can also be a way to treat bed bug infestation for good; as these can alter the growth of the insects and some may even put a stop on this growth

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We are still researching ways for additional ways that can help you with home remedies for bed bugs bites. Keep reading our posts, and you will discover there is always a new side to an old story. As for now, we would request our readers to have some patience while we look for more favorable ways of handling this issue.

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