History of bed bugs

History of Bed bugs In 1950s we defeated bedbugs with the help of DDT

History of bed bugs
History of bed bugs

As long as human have history as well as bed bugs, have history too.

Here, they are living with us in our houses in this world. In our beds, walls, mattresses, ceilings, wardrobes and in furniture.

They enjoyed their dinner while we have disturb nights, itchy skin and bumps.
They traveled with our luggage and crawl from room to room.
They spread and take over our house while we stay anxious.


When DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) was developed in the 1940s as insecticides. It’s become an effective tool against parasites, but It took one year.  In 1950s, we defeated bedbugs with the help of DDT. Writers of The Animal Kingdom were jubilant over the disappearance of bedbugs and other pests, wrote, ‘We hear nothing of these insects anymore for,  with improved sanitary conditions and improved control measures bedbugs rapidly being wiped out.’  But they are totally wrong.

Then bed bugs learn

The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future

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                                                                                       Theodore Roosevelt


Bed bugs prepared for future and developed pesticide resistance and came back to our houses.

According to archaeologist  Cimicidae the ancestor of modern bed bugs primary comes into view around  115,000,000 million years ago, more than 30,000,000 million years before bats.  They also found bed bug fossils in Egypt around 3,500 years old.

When early humans start living in caves in Mediterranean region they came in touch of Cimicidae and other parasites. These insects can only live on hot blooded hosts like bats, birds and mammals so It is considered that at this time bed bugs’ developed their affection for humans and for their blood.  Then, during the summer they migrate with us from one place to another.

In ancient Greece bed bugs were also mentioned 400 BC,

They viewed in the 11th century in Germany,

In 13th century bed bugs also reported in France,

And in England in 1670,

In 15th century bed bugs take a journey to America through trading ships.

In Italy 77 CE and in china 600 CE,

Bed bugs also mentioned in old Indian literature in 7th-8th CE.

In the 1990s, international air travel increased and become a source of worldwide spread of bed bugs and they came back to our houses with a retaliation.

In old English Bugs mean any strange creature which was small and horrid. Bed bugs are really horrid and disgusting due to many reasons like bites, smell, blood stains etc. they are just a nightmare.

An online questionnaire takes place about “why are people scared of bed bugs “ many people take part in it and submit their views.

A person named John Benett who is also a pest control technician replies:

Dude.. You’re not irked by the thought of sleeping In a bed that’s inhabited by parasitic bugs that wedge their bodies into the confined creases of your linen, mattress, box spring, nightstand even.. Uh, then patiently wait for your metabolic rate to drop so they can jab into your body and drink your blood. These bugs wait for you while you’re at work. To make matters worse,  after they drink your blood they have a silly habit of pooing your blood wherever they feel, 10 times out of 10 being your bed.

On another site a person told about her anxiety caused by bed bugs:

I’m scared shitless of bed bugs and obsessively anxious about it. The thing is, I know it’s not like a phobia of spiders or sharks — bedbugs really are awful, and a huge pain to get rid of, and taxing on your mental health. I know someone who had them years ago who pretty much has PTSD from the experience. I also live in a large city where they are not uncommon.

But my fear of them is obsessive and not healthy and it’s not how I want to live. It popped up around 5 years ago when bedbugs were all over the news, and gets much worse at times of stress. I am a generally anxious person, and I also have minor allergies and skin issues that means I am frequently itchy, prone to red patches and hives.

Many people also submit their stories on Insider.com

These days bed bugs anxiety/ phobia becomes a real thing and many people are living with it. Although bed bugs bites are really horrible and their feces  while we know they transmit the parasite with their feces that can cause Chagas diseases. Is a big problem.

There we should prepare ourselves for the future and we should take some precautions seriously:

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  • By controlling traveling, it can reduce or control their infestation
  • Take few suitcases only one, it will be easy to check them properly
  • When in a hotel you check into your room firstly inspect the mattress, box spring, bed frame, cupboard, tables, pillow and couches too.
  • If you trace anything left the room or tell the management.
  • Keep your spare clothes in the garage
  • When you return home put your luggage in the garage and check it properly for bed bugs
  • Do not keep your clothes for later wash, wash it immediately
  • Use dryer on high heat
  • Use a vacuum around your suitcase
  • Use mattresses pads or protectors in your house.
  • Do not leave any cracks open in your house
  • Use net in front of doors and windows
  • You can also use window bug screen
  • Get the services of a professional exterminator for bed bugs.
  • Use two sides tape around your bed
  • Put old dishes or bowl filled with water in the bed legs
  • Spray powder in the corners of the room
  • If you have bed bugs in your room, then do not change your room, it will only doubled the problem because bed bugs will spread in all rooms in search of food.
  • Do not throw your furniture it is expensive, get cold or hot treatment.
  • Use bed bug trap

In the end your anxiety will not help you, if you really want to tackle them control your fear and on this site bugsinfo.com we will provide you all kind of information about bed bugs about their treatment, remedies, prevention etc.

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History of Bed bugs In 1950s we defeated bedbugs with the help of DDT
When  DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) was developed in the 1940s as insecticides. It’s become an effective tool against parasites, but It took one year.  In 1950s, we defeated bedbugs with the help of DDT.
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