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Try These Best Treatment For Bed Bug Bites For Relief

Are you worried about bed bugs? Do they leave ugly marks on your arms and rest of the body? Oh yes, we know these marks are a big turn off, and you surely don’t want to flaunt them. So,

what do you, in that case, think harder and if you do not know a solution, then we have all that you want. That is correct we have the best treatment for bed bug bites, and if you want to know about them in details, then we advise you to read this post till the end.

Some of the Best Treatment for Bed Bug Bites

get rid of bed bug bites

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Yes, what do you do when you get bitten by a bed bug? The fact is some people do not show any changes, whereas others may get a breakout. Those red and swollen bumps may sometimes get itchy.

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Once people start getting these marks, they realize that they have bed bugs in their house. Not to mention, that these stains get them embarrassed and then they start looking for solutions. Here are some of the over the counter medications that can help you deal with the problem:

• You can apply hydrocortisone that is available in lotion as well as cream forms

• Another OTC can be a diphenhydramine or Benadryl (brand name) can be a solution

• You can also take a dose of antihistamine for relaxation

• You can also resort to Ibuprofen, aspirin and another analgesic for pain relief

• In case none of these OTCs give you any relief, it is advisable that you pay a visit to your doctor

• You may have an allergic reaction that the doctor may be in better position to detect and prescribe you medications accordingly

Just remember not scratch the swellings as that will further damage your skin. This will also save you from infection and keep you safe. Another thing you need to keep in your mind is to keep your house clutter free.

Vacuum your furniture, fix all the crevices and crack possible to keep them at bay. The best way to get rid of this problem is to call in pest control services for professional help.

An important note on treatment for bed bug bites on babies

Amidst all this discussion, one important part that gets us most concerned is about protecting our babies. We know you are no different to this and like any other apprehensive parent, you want to find a solution to it sooner. For this, we have found a few ways to keep the bugs away from your cherub. Read this section for detailed understanding.

• Clean the spot thoroughly and then apply an antiseptic cream as this will soothe the affected area

• Splashing cold water on the bites can also help calm the itchiness

• Applying Lacto calamine can also be of help for treatment for bed bug bites on the skin

• Benadryl can also be a way out

• Seeking refuge in home remedies like using baking powder and mixed with water to apply it on the bites can be a wise thing to do

• Using a paste of sandalwood powder and turmeric on the bed bug bite also can be relieving

Beware your baby may develop allergic reactions that you need to be attentive to. These allergies can spike the temperature of your baby as well. Under such circumstances, a visit to the pediatrician can be a good idea as doctors can prescribe painkillers and ointments that usually help the baby to relax.

Do not let your baby scratch these bites and keep its nails shortly trimmed to avoid them from spreading it anymore.

More on topical treatment for bed bug bites

Taking refuge in home-based remedies for treatment for bed bug bites on the skin can be considered to be a sensible thing. You can resort to antidotes like the following for instant relief:

• Firstly, make sure that you clean with soap (medicated if possible) the area as you spot the rashes

• Then you can apply a mixture of baking soda and water, keep it for an hour, then clean wash away with water

• You can crush leaves from Indian Lilac tree and make a paste to apply on the bumps

• Dab cotton swab into lemon juice, apply it on the rash and let it dry only to feel itch go away

• Using aloe vera gel can also be a good idea as aloe is a natural astringent

Tea tree oil has an antifungal quality that can be used in this case (except pregnant and lactating mothers)

All these are sure shot cures that can assist you to get rid of the rashes. Make sure that you repeat these on a regular basis for best results. The most important thing would be to keep your belongings sanitized and fresh all the time.
Prevention is better than cure

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Avoid wearing travel clothes inside the house for long and do not allow people using public transport directly sit on your couch or bed. Make arrangements somewhere else and away from your sack. Also, give a call to pest management agencies from time to time that can be of great help.

Yes, we all need that professional aid for matters like these as they have the best tricks and tips up their sleeves for getting rid of these ugly bugs from your house forever.  Why not take their help and drive them away once for all?

One thing that we would recommend in here is to keep your surroundings neat and use exterminator services for killing bugs around your house.

This is a suggestion that we make to especially parents that have been blessed with a baby. Approaching the best treatment for bed bug bites is not a solution but getting rid of the bed bugs is one. This will certainly keep your family protected and healthy in the long run.

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