Bed Bug Bites vs. Body Lice Bites | What’s the Difference?


Have you ever had a feeling of getting bit by a bug or an itchy bump in your head? This might have occurred at least once in a lifetime while sleeping or moving around. Ever wondered what can be the cause for it? Heard about parasites? Yes, you may have become a victim of it.


We have the existence of body lice and bed bugs around us. Body lice fulfill their appetite by feeding on human blood. Both belong to the parasite family but are different from each other. Parasites cannot be ignored. You must take immediate measures to get rid of them. If you initiate immediate precautions, you will have no worries. Want to know more about Bed Bug Bites vs. Body Lice Bites? Read along.


What Are Lice?

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bed bugs or lice in hair

Lice are nothing but parasites. It is a very common problem among human beings and does not live on animals. They do not develop into a human body. It only occurs when an individual who is infested with lice comes in contact with another. Head lice, crabs and body lice from the parasite clan have become massive invaders of the human body. No one ever wants to get attacked by these parasites. Lice exist on the head, pubic parts and the body of human beings. Head and pubic lice utilize skin and hair as their nesting grounds, and body lice live on fabrics.

What Are Bed Bug Bites?


bed bugs vs lice vs scabies

They are different from lice. They dwell on beds. Bites on the body occur due to bug infestation. You can alert yourself to bed bug bites when you notice marks on your body when you wake up in the morning. Also, check out with your family members if they too suffer from similar bite marks to get confirmed about it. Bed bugs leave around brown or rust colored stains on the mattresses. If you investigate deeper, they shed white or brown colored shells, and the beds have an obnoxious smell if they are bug infested.


How Can You Identify Bed Bug Bites?


– They leave marks on the exposed parts of the body while asleep.
– The bites will also contain some swelling including some red spots in the bitten areas.
– You may also observe similar patterns bumps on the skin where the bed bugs have bitten.
– All individuals have different types of skin. The ones with sensitive skin may have immediate allergic reactions, and the infected areas can cause itchiness, pain, and inflammation. Always remember you face issues with bed bugs only at night because they feed themselves during nightfall.


What Are Body Lice Bites?


If ever you have an itchy scalp or skin, and you are still not aware of the reason body lice or head lice can be one of the causes. The main cause for body lice is due to low economy housing areas or unsanitary conditions. One needs to maintain a hygienic lifestyle to be away from body lice. Body lice are very common among children who go to school especially girls since they have long hair and they come in contact with friends who are infested with this lice. Once a human being is affected by body lice especially on the hair grows massively. The cure is long term, and the issue needs to be treated.

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Body lice bite cause irritation on the skin, and it may also give rise to bumps in the areas that are bitten. If the individual is affected on a large scale, it can also lead to headaches and fever. Body lice also constitute of crab lice which reside at the public parts leaving behind bluish spots at the regions bitten.


The Symptoms Of Bed Lice.


The initial stages of getting aware of bed lice are through the bites on the body. You cannot assure yourself about bed bugs only noticing the bites on the body. Here are a few signs how you can be aware of bug infestation.

Facts Of Lice


facts of lice

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1. Feces and Fecal Stains


After the bed lice consume their meal the defecate immediately. The stains will be left behind on the bed which signs the physical presence of the bed lice. These stains can be recognized easily as they look like tip marker stains. It will normally be found on pillowcase sheets or the mattress.

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2. Blood Smears and Stains


These stains are caused when blood-filled bed bugs are being crushed. The crushing occurs while they get trapped between you and the bed while rolling. Spot these stains on your pillows and pajamas.


3. Shed/Cast Bed Bug Skins


Baby bed bugs on their journey to adulthood shed their skin 5 times before reaching maturity. Their skins look like lighter colored empty bed bug shell casings.


4. Eggshells


The shells are symptoms of a growing multi-generational bed bug population. They are about 1mm in length and will be visible to the naked eye. Theirs dried out casings of live bed bug eggs will be less shiny and flattened.


Differences Between Bed Bugs Vs. Body Lice.


As you know bed bugs and body bugs are different from each other. They look different in size, color, and odor. Bed bugs are only found at night, whereas body lice retain in your body throughout the day. This differentiation will help you know the distinction between both parasites. Let’s read how they are different from each other :


Their Sizes Vary From Each Other:


Bed bugs are bigger in comparison to body lice. If you measure both body lice, grow up to an average of 4 mm while the bed bugs grow up to 9 mm. Lice can be found to a naked eye but bed bugs are tricky, and they hide during the day.


The Difference In The Color:


Body lice are grey or transparent to a naked eye, and the bed bugs are always brown.


How To Identify The Bite Marks:


Body lice just leave a single mark when they bite the body, but bed bugs leave a series of them on the skin in a linear form. Bed bugs cause itchiness to people who have sensitive skin because the saliva contains bacteria and body lice some cause much of it.


They Leave Foul Odor:


In case you have an overload of bed bugs in your house you will also have a foul odor caused by the secretion of the bed bugs. Body lice don’t give a specific odor.


Transmission Of the Body Lice:


When an individual comes in contact with another person who is infested by sharing clothing, combs or bed linen not only the bed bugs but also the bed lice can get transmitted.


Bed Bugs and Lice Spray



Tips On How To Get Rid Of Bed Lice :


You must be worried about how to get rid of bed lice in your house. It is challenging to get rid of bed bugs as they reproduce quickly but it is not impossible. When they are at their egg stage, they are easy to be treated.

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These Methods May Help You To Get Rid Of Them.


– Identify the problem
– Develop a strategy
-Keep away the infestation from expanding
-Prepare for the treatment
-Kill bed bugs


Can You Get Lice From Bed Bugs?


Both bed bugs and lice are different from each other. Hence you do not have to worry about getting lice from bed bugs. Bugs are found in beds or furniture but feed on human blood, but lice seek shelter on human bodies.

I hope you have all your doubts about Bed bug bites vs. Body lice bites cleared. Please do comment if you have any future drought will happy to answer your question.
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